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Things to know: 

1. Dry ice will freeze everything within a cooler, including lettuce.

2.Keep two lists by the door, one of what is in the RV, and one on what needs to be replaced.

3.Always keep extra water and clothing in the RV in case of emergency and you need a 2nd home.

4. Tires and radiators need to be checked frequently to make sure they are ready for travel.

5.Carry tupperware or rubbermaid items for less weight and easy storage.

6. Such things as matches, candles, toilet paper, anti-freeze, extra water for drinking, a blanket for each person and enough food for 3 days is considered emergency items.

7. Dehydrated food is lighter to carry, can have more bags than canned foods and lasts 25 years.
 8.Always check the things you will forget the most : can opener, salt, pepper, paper towels, sharp knife for cutting foods, coffee pot insides (if percolator), coffee filters, maps, pencils and writing paper, phone numbers, medical information, insurance papers both for the RV and personal, extra set of keys (just in case), emergency radio and batteries, a shovel and hammer, candles and/or battery operated lanterns with extra batteries. 

9. Roadside service is not just a luxury, you will most likely need it somewhere along the line.

10. If taking a pet along you need to have pet innoculation papers, registrations, and a leash, also do not forget emergency items for your pet, just in case.

11. Yes it is ok to have a photographic memory of where you are going, but carry maps just in case the shutter gets stuck.

12. Not all GPS systems are up to date on all their road conditions and outages, you need reliable, updated maps so you do not get stranded.

13. Carrying an RV park locator is a wonderful idea and with cell phone coverage, you can call along the way and make reservations.

14. With natural disasters happening all over the world, one thing you m ight want to consider is taking pictures of all that you own and have it put on a flash drive to carry in your pocket or purse. If you have valuables in a safe box at the bank, get pictures of the contents of that also.

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“But as for me and my household,  we will serve the LORD.”  -Joshua 24:15

Many people ask me how I know so much, well, I do not claim to be smart but when I go looking for information I try to absorb all the gleanings from the different sources.  So I guess that is a good place to start my blog. I believe everyone reading this has the ability to find the information, it is just that I have more time than most people to go find it.

I love helping people so when I find something of interest to me, I figure others might like to have that information also. Nothing big and fancy, but things like, if you have dentures and like to chew gum, as I do, then you might like to know that Extra chewing gum is the gum of choice. It does not stick to denture material, it is not sugar free nor is it packed with too many calories, it has a good taste and as a booster for you now comes in ice cream flavors.

Now besides the website for Extra chewing gum, which by the way is , where will you find all the delicious flavors PLUS, how to do the Extra Origami?

 Welcome, thanks for stopping by!

On this page you will find information for do it yourself, or links to find it for purchase.  I used to be a Girl Scout leader and I still very much believe in the "Be Prepared" motto. 

Many Parents are finding out the hard way, when young Children are taken on the plane, that this is a whole new experience and many Children throw up because of the newness, or because of the mixture of foods and newness. Chuckie bibs  are becoming real famous and a great way to make the trip easier.

There seems to be a very large problem with trash making its way to other Countries and staying there, so suggestions are raging in the Travel Agents offices as to how to stop this problem. One way is to have things prepared before boarding the plane. Fruits and veggies already peeled in baggies lends a big hand.

Airports have cut back so much on what can and cannot be carried on the plane leaving one major item, and that is the water bottles that you get at the airport. Recycling is not available in all Countries, check out some simple ways to reuse the bottles until you get back home or to a Country that recycles.

If you are not going to a Wedding or some fancy place on your trip, consider this method of packing light. However if it is fancy you need, and you know the people at the destination, consider mailing a package to yourself ahead of time and have the recipients hang the clothes to be waiting when you get there. Cheaper than paying for the extra suitcases and the clothes will be wrinkle free when you need them.

Young Children have a short attention span, pack a few of the most loved toys, but only give the Child one or two at time and rotate. See if the older Children will trade toys (or books) every so often. Get teenagers involved in scientific matters to take their minds off of an otherwise boring trip.

Did You Know? 
A section for informative tips, on land, sea and air.

Did you know? -You can rent wheelchairs, power chairs, scooters, golf carts, beds and bathroom equipment, mobility equipment, and so much more, plus have it delivered to your hotel room? Ask for the Concierge at the desk ******* Concierge

Did you know? -The air inside the airplane can cause dehydration? It is suggested that you carry water with you and refill it often, but not the planes’ water source. Ask a Steward or Stewardess *************************

Did you know? -Wet wipes are a quick way to clean up as opposed to waiting in the restroom line with Children in tow? *****************************

Did you know? -Children love to take pictures as well as pose for them, give them each a camera and watch the results. Disposable cameras are great for this. Watch local store ads just before leaving home *************************

Did you know? -Most cab companies want to stand out so you can see them, school bus yellow and checkerboards are the two most recognized colors universally. Also taxi phone numbers are usually something catchy like 8500 or 2700 ********************

Did you know? -Most older buildings in the United States and almost all of them in foreign Countries do not have elevators? They do have very many steps/stairs. I can find out for you if you give me a destination, I will research it for you. **********************

Did you know? -Unsafe travel  is not just about terrorism, but what about hurricanes, tornadoeswildfiresderechos, road hazards because of weather conditions, are all very real hazards and need to be addressed when you prepare for travel. Be in the know, before you go. ****************

Did you know if you wake up periodically during the night, you might be suffering from gastric reflux? Chewing mint gum will calm that down and help you sleep better, BUT -eating an apple will do even more. **********

Did you know if you have dentures that "Extra" chewing gum does not stick to most denture materials, making it more desirable than many gums that will stick. ********
Did you know that oleo and margarine are made of the same things the plastic bags from the market are made from? When you eat Oleo and Margarine you are clogging your arteries. Eat real butter in moderation, instead. **********

Did you know that imitation sugar is actually very bad for you? After consuming artificial sugar for 6 months or more can cause severe heart damage. Did you know Sugar-Free- actually means "If you drink/eat me, you will die". **********

Did you know real Cane sugar dissolves more rapidly than Beet sigar which sets on the bottom of your stomach fermenting and can eventually eat holes in your stomach. **********

Did you know ---- many of the drugs prescribed for Diabetes, Gastric Reflux, Alzhiemers and Dementia, are the very culprits keeping you from getting better. 

Every year the National Weather Service issues winter weather warnings. People do not know or have not paid attention to information being passed on. Here are some things to think about:


1. If you can hear thunder, you are close enough for lightning striking - 10 miles.

2. If you are outside get inside.

3. Stay away from tall trees, wire fences, and open air plumbing which carries electricity.

4. Stay on top of the news unplug electronic items before the storms hit.

5. Keep batteries readily available and fresh for flashlights and radios.

6. Keep candles (if possible use battery powered candles), matches and strikers close at hand.

 7. Keep gasoline
for your generator for the first sign of a storm (not in the house, and in a container made for gasoline, with a tight fitting lid).

8. Keep bottled water, both in 16 ounce and gallon jugs, and keep non -perishable food stuffs stocked up at the coming of winter season - keep a hand can opener readily close by.

9. Keep extra blankets, coats and clothing handy, not only in the house but when you travel, just in case you get stranded somewhere.

10. Keep car batteries charged up and anti freeze in the radiator in winter. 

11. Check windshield wiper blades for sufficient rubber. Changing wiper blade refills at the beginning of summer and beginning of winter is a good measure.

12. Check your car manual to find proper poundage for your tires air supply.

13. Hypothermia can set in inside of 15 minutes it is a severe condition of body temperature dropping below 95 degrees, uncomfortably shivering, slow speech, and memory lapses.  

14. Flooded roads can wash out  in 10-15 minutes. DO NOT DRIVE ON FLOODED ROADS.

15. Freezing can take place in seconds.

16. In weather related talk - a Watch means it will possibly happen in24 hours. A Warning means it will probably happen in 5 hours or less.

17. Purchase a weather radio and batteries for it and keep it handy.

Keep these items on hand:

Healthy snack bars; blankets; flashlights; flares; matches; candles (if possible get the candles that run on batteries); bottled water; emergency phone numbers for help, medicines, doctors, and Family; purchase - read - and keep handy a medical book describing conditions that are life threatening. 

DO NOT -light a match, a candle or cigarette lighter if you smell gas!! ****************

Did you know? -Cruise ships cannot always dock at shore in ports of call, meaning you must take the ships tenders (smaller boats) and sometimes will have to wade to shore. Not good for wheelchairs and crutches. Check it out. ********************************

Did you know? -When traveling by camel, donkey or elephant in a foreign Country, that you might get bit by a tick? Take precautions when you travel and be safe. No shorts when riding these animals. ***************************

Did you know? -Polio, a disease once dreaded is on the rise again? Once a person has had the disease they carry the polio virus and under certain conditions it can rise again and they can suffer a new outbreak on their body, and be very contagious. ***************************

Did you know? -When a Child complains about a stomach ache, they might be having food allergies. ******************************

Did you know? - My website is designed with you in mind? Each page has specially selected Merchants who carry items specific to the page, that I believe to be important to everyday life. Don't be afraid to check them out, they are clean sites - I have checked them out and I use many of them myself.