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“But as for me and my household,  we will serve the LORD.”  -Joshua 24:15
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Going an vacation(s) can be so much fun and educational, especially if you have the right kind of entertainment at hand. Children love the new electronic games but some are not allowed to be played while in the air on a plane. Check at the airport before assuming it is ok.

I do not promote night clubs or things that will take the Family apart on vacation. If you brought the Children along, you should be spending time with them also. 

If Parent's will be doing the night scene, consider taking a Nanny or competent babysitter along on the trip to help out. That is not to say never take time for yourself as well.

Children need to have activities that will keep their minds alive in the waking hours so they will sleep good in the sleeping hours. Challenged persons  need activity to stay alert and be a part of the whole life scene. Elderly persons need to feel as much a part of the scene as young adults do, we are not talking just a game of shuffleboard or going over the top in activities, but never the less being included.

Although some times, even on vacations, we all need to have some down time or just-to-ourself time, vacations are meant to have a good time and be enjoyed by all in the party. If the over-50 group is saying it is bed time, so be it, but let the youngsters enjoy till drop time. There is no school tomorrow Unless you are home schooling on vacation also :-)

It is ok to have Grandma and Grandpa want to go dancing by themselves, and Mom and Dad definitely need some alone time to regroup. Children are alright within a setting for many Children's activities. This is all good stuff, just don't forget where you left everyone. Come together for the evening meal or sooner and share the rest of the day together.

Plan on dances, shows, card games, miniature golf, visiting with people in like mannerisms for the over 50 travelers, videos, toys, games and learning in a unique way will draw the Children and the challenged. Think like a teenager when trying to find something to entertain a teen. Some of my first hand experiences have been 'if fun is being had, happy are the participants'. Science has been found to be a wonderful entertainer, if you can find something that would be easy to transport and is not going to get taken as a threat at the airports.

On this page you will find many suggestions for cheaper entertainment, valued ideas for the whole group. Smaller Children are easily entertained so taking 2 to 5 of their favorite toys and hiding 1 or 2 at a time and then presenting it again, is a fun way to keep them occupied.

School age Children can sometimes be the hardest to keep entertained, at times they want to be copy-cats and other times they want individualized, hands on entertainment. Either way might present a problem if the Parents are not readily prepared, but with a few tips and tricks that could be just a minor annoyance. 

Teenagers often tire of being asked to babysit their siblings, but if you make it worth their time you might be surprised how fast they will volunteer to help. Such wording as "Would you like to be the teacher today?" "There will be a tip in it for you" and "You are in charge" make teens sit up and take notice.

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