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Know Before The Need 

“But as for me and my household,  we will serve the LORD.”  -Joshua 24:15
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 When a couple starts thinking about getting married they think of the guests, the colors, the people who will be in the wedding party, the favors, the invitations, and going to different stores and choosing what they would like for presents so they will not have to make out long lists for the guests. 

In like manner when someone is getting ready for vacation they need to know a wealth of information ---  before they put their money into it. 

A good starting point is always a destination, and how to get there, how much will it cost, who all is going on this vacation, sometimes having a large party traveling together is advantageous, do they need a pet sitter, a nanny for the Children, how about a senior care giver for those who cannot travel? Would a vacation rental house or apartment be better than many hotel rooms, will they  need immunizations before going and how long in advance do they need to get them, passports and visas, and   information on medical conditions and medicines being taken, to take along. Also it is very important that all information on medical ID bracelets/necklaces, always be updated. Each person with a known disability or medical condition should have medical clearance before taking off on a vacation. Always have someone at home base who can access the information and be the liasion needed for medical care in time of emergency.

Many Families with special needs Children, especially Autistic Children and those with Down Syndrome feel left out because people do not know the reason the Children behave the way they do, so they think the Parent's are just being lax and therefore make snap judgments and shun the Parent's and the Children. Read these articles and see the different ways you might better understand Autism  and Down Syndrome.

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It is always a good thing to find out current weather conditions and changes, unsafe travel conditions, currency exchange centers, foreign languages, drivers licenses for foreign countries, and always checking out the right accommodations.

Most Countries do not have the same disability standards that the United States Americans Disabilities Act, has, so it is a good idea to check such things as how many stairs if there is no elevator. Are doors wide enough to accommodate a normal wheelchair? or a motorized scooter type chair?

Next is always a good time to hire a consultant to walk you through the whole planning, doing and returning process, that is what I do, I am not a travel agent. Unless you are traveling within the month, my services might save you many headaches and few dollars to boot.

If you are planning on leaving within the following month, browse my pages and glean the information available to you, you might find something of interest. My pages are directed mainly toward the physically and mentally challenged, the elderly and the Parents of young Children, but my services are offered to everyone in need. Of course if you need me, I am always right here.

If the Children are going along they will need something to entertain them  on the trip,everyone will need to be made aware of the cultures of the destination and what is and is not acceptable behavior. Considerations need to be taken into account of what to wear when you go swimming     motion sickness/seasickness, food allergies, sunburns, bug bites, and temperature changes. Also, knowing that sunglasses will help the eyes both in bright sunshine and on cloudy days, AC Lens
it is always important and not forgetting your
contact lenses. Knowing before you go always makes things easier when it happens.

When traveling by plane you will need to know what can and cannot be taken on the plane, what to expect at the airport, and all about Children traveling on a plane for the first time. New issues you might want to check out before flying are here. Health is always a major issue when traveling. If age is a factor, known medical conditions that need to be monitored before, during and after the travel will be something we will discuss. Medicines will be required to be listed with airline companies, cruise ship companies, rail and motorcoach companies, and medical ID bracelets need to be updated. It is always a good idea to find out ahead of time what can and cannot be taken along and what the requirements are.

When going by cruise ship  
you will need to know of the programs available for Children, areas that are Children friendly, and have an emergency plan in action in case someone gets too ill to travel or in case of an emergency on the ship. I collect ship layouts and itineraries just for this information area. Taking the day you arrive on shipboard, after the formalities, it is a good idea to get a first hand look at where everything is on board the ship, make it a Family affair. Knowing where everyone is makes for a smoother trip. Also, practising the "emergency drill" at home with all Family members before departure makes for a smoother trip.

Train travel can be exciting but you need to be aware that getting a sleeper car adds to the expense of traveling that way. There is not sufficient room for Children to have play areas and long trips can grate on the nerves of all. Some
train travel is intermingled with bus travel because trains cannot get where the buses go, and in like manner buses cannot go where trains go, so it is necessary to make ahead of time arrangements for the bus to meet the train and vice versa. If you are a first time train traveler, you might want to know - no matter the route or time - it is the 'Scenic Route' and not necessarily what you had in mind.
Special accommodations will have to be made for people with special needs and will require earlier boarding times.
 This is considered the responsibility of the passenger and cannot be done on the web.

If they are going to be visiting a Country where
riding camelselephants or donkeys will be the mode of transportation, it is very important to know about ticks and fleas, knowing about any illness that has happened in that area for the last 10 years and what has been the most recent outbreak
. Some diseases stay under cover for long periods of time, such as polio and can surface with the right conditions. Be aware there warnings being issued in the United States for special immunizations for those traveling more than a month in foreign countries known to have the polio virus present. (June 2014). Also dress codes for protection against fleas and ticks and sand storms.

When going on Group Tours it is especially important to have all immunizations in place before boarding the first tour bus. People come from many different areas for these tours and some will be 'carriers' of Influenza, Viruses, Strepp Throat, just to name a few
 situations and how
 germs travel off the top of my head. Also, whether traveling in a group or not it is important to have your medical information with you.

If Children are going away to summer camp, prepare them with germ fighting warfare. Of course all of this is done at home, it is just important to let everyone know there are hidden illnesses that can be avoided. The old saying "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is still true and many illnesses and debilitating diseases can be prevented.

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