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Medical Information

This color is called orange vanilla creme , it is recognized by the emergency rescue staff as a color signifying medical information alert. When displayed on the refrigerator door, or on empty medicine bottles or identification tags on purses and luggage, and also on the window closest to your front door at home, the emergency medical people know to take notice.

Medicine bottles without the medicine,  that are approximately 2 inches across the top and 2-3 inches tall carrying an orange vanilla creme  label are designated medical information carriers, and are sought out by ambulance drivers, fire rescue squads, and other emergency medical technicians.

In case of emergency, this will save your life and precious time, the more information you can have readily available, the better everyone will be equipped to handle emergency situations. In an emergency situation, you will not remember any of this information so this just gives way to a smooth experience.

Keep the information up to date and keep in the door of your refrigerator at home, in your purse or suitcase when you travel. Also make sure you have purse tags and luggage tags stating that there is emergency medical information inside. Purse and luggage tags should state “EMERGENCY MEDICAL”  only, no other information should be visible.

When going on a trip make sure you have an extra one for the refrigerator at home and leave a trusted person with the key. If anything happens while traveling, this information might be obtained by the trusted person, and could also save your life if the bottle you are carrying becomes lost or damaged.

Your Name -

Your Address -

City, State, Zip -

Home & Cell Phone -

Contact’s Name -

Contact’s Home & Cell phone –


Medicine; Dosage/# of days; Prescribing Doctor; Doctors Phone; Pharmacy & address & phone; Date filled/# of refills; Diagnosis;

Special Needs Referral & Consulting
 Information and Education concerning matters of the
Blind, Disabled, Elderly, the Physically and Mentally Challenged
 and Parents of Small Children - at home and abroad
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Seniors Bits and Pieces

“But as for me and my household,  we will serve the LORD.”  -Joshua 24:15
Senior Discounts 

Krispy Kreme 10%
Steak 'n Shake 10% M-Tu
Tea Room Cafe 10%
Banana Republic 10%
Bealls 20% 1st Tu
K-Mart 20%
American Discount Store 10% M
Alamo Rental Car 25% AARP
Avis Rental Car 25% AARP
Budget Rental Car 10%-20% AARP
Dollar Rent A Car 10% 
Enterprise Rant A Car 5% AARP
Hertz Rental Car 25% AARP
Trailways Transportation System (Ask)
Busch Gardens Tampa $3 one day ticket
SeaWorld Orlando $3 one day ticket
Jitterbug $10 mo cell phone service

Arby's 10%
Chik-Fil-A 10% or free coffee or drink
Chili's 10%
Denny's 10%, 20% with AARP
Dunkin' Donuts 10% or free coffee
Fuddrucker's 10% any Sr. platter
IHOP 10%
Jack in the Box up to 20%
KFC free small drink with meal
Long John Silver's various (ask)
McDonald's discount on coffee
Taco Bell 5% or free beverage
TCBY 10%
Wendy's 10%
Belk's 15% 1st Tu
Bon-Ton Dept Stores 15% (ask)
Dress Barn 10%
Ross Store 10% Tu
Salvation Army Thrift Stores up to 50%
Stein Mart 20% 1st M (red dot)
Albertson's 10% 1st W
EarthFare 5%
Fry's Supermarket free membrshp/10%M
Kroger 5%-10% (by location)
Publix 5% W
Best Western 10%
Myrtle beach Resort 10%
Ripley's Believe it or not (one day ticket)
AMC Theaters up to 30%

Applebee's 15% (w/Golden Apple Card)
Ben & Jerry's 10%
Bob's Big Boy varies
Burger King 10%
CiCi's Pizza 10%
Culver's 10%
Einstein's Bagels 10%
Gatti's Pizza 10%
Golden Corral 10%
Mrs. Fields 10% 
Sonic Burger 10% or free beverage
Subway 10%
Village Inn 10%
Waffle House 10% M
CJ Banks 10% W
Khol's 15%
Compare Foods Supermarket 10%
DeCicco Family Market 5% W
Food Lion 6% M
Great Value Food Store 5% Tu
Gristedes Supermarket 10% Tu
Harris Teeter 5% Tu
Morton Williams Supermarket 5% Tu
Rogers Marketplace 5% Th
Cambrio Suites 20%-30% (various)
Clarion 20%-30%
Comfort Inn 20%-30%
Comfort Suites 20%-30%
Econo Lodg 20%- 30%
Motel 6- 10%
Quality Inn 20% -30%
Rodeway Inn 20% - 30%
Sleep Inn 20%-30%
great Clips $3 off hair cuts
Super Cuts $2 off hair cuts

Do     It     Easier 
**Push a straw up from bottom of berries to remove the stem

**Use cardboard egg cartons to store Christmas decorations

**Put sheet sets inside their own pillowcases to find easier

**Rub scratches on furniture with walnut or pecan nutmeats

**Put a rubber band around a cut apple before putting in lunchbox to keep from browning

**Put your cell phone or iPod in a shallow bowl to hear it better

**Use baby powder on legs and feet to get the sand off after visiting the beach

**Shower caps make good shoe storing devices, keeping everything else clean

**Cutting cross slits in a shoe box lid, makes carrying cupcakes a breeze

**Bread sack tags make good cord IDs for computers

**Tack a piece of magnet to the inside of a cabinet door for bobby pins, clippers, and tweezers

**Use a piece of stocking over the hose end of vacuum to pick up earring, straight pins, paperclips, etc.

**Hang a suspension bar under the sink to hang spray bottles on

**Use old gutter material to make flower boxes

**Keep flour in refrigerator for when you have kitchen burns, plunge hands in flour for a couple of minutes
**A clothes dryer sheet tucked in your belt or hanging from your pocket will deter mosquitoes

Captain D's Seafood (varies)
Sweet Tomatoes 10%
White castle 10%
Clark's  10%
Uncle Guiseppe's Marketplace 5%
Holiday Inn 10% -30%
Hyatt Hotels 25% -50%
Marriott Hotels 15%
Amtrak 15%
Greyhound 5%
U.S. national Parks $10 life pass
   +50% add serv.
Bally Total Fitness up to $100
Boston Market 10%
Hardee's 33 cent beverage daily
Intercontinental Hotel (varies)
Crowne Plaza Hotel (various)
Indigo Suites (various)
Candlewood Suites  (various)
Holiday Inn Express (various)
AT&T Special Sr. Plan
Verizon Wireless Sr. Plan

Food Allergy: A Global Problem

Food allergy - a rising global health problem -Globally, an estimated 220-250 million people  have  food allergies, with numbers rising in both developed and developing countries, especially in children.
Food Allergy Research &
 Education (FARE) is proud to support the WAO's World Allergy Organization efforts on the need for greater awareness and understanding of food allergies.

How Much Do You Weigh 

No, I do not want to know, but the airlines do. NBC news reported recently that airlines are contemplating weighing the passenger and the luggage and charging from 93 cents to $1.06 per Kilogram over a posted weight limit to ride the plane.

Some airlines have already started charging for two seats if you are too big to fit in the small seat they have available for you to travel in.

In a world where everything is fast and furious, this just adds to the frustrations of getting from point A to point B. Can you prove you have a medical problem? Would it matter?

 How much is a kilogram in pounds? 


1 kilogram is approximately 2.2 lbs.. Just multiply the amount of Kilograms (Kgs) by 2.2 to arrive at the equivalent weight in pounds (lbs).



What to do when you have an accident  ,

the Automobile Association advises that you:

* Don't lose your temper even if provoked.

* Don't admit liability at the scene; you may be confused, and it may adversely affect the claims process

* Call the emergency services – you must if anyone is injured

* Call your insurance company who should give you guidance

* Make a note of where you are, road conditions, what happened

* Note other vehicles involved – registration numbers, makes, models

* Note who was involved – names, telephone numbers, addresses, insurance details

* Make a note of any witnesses who might confirm what happened

* The Highway Code says you must give your details to anyone with reasonable grounds for requiring them. If you don't you must report details to police within 24 hours

* Take pictures if possible; mobile phones are fine

* If you suspect someone was breaking the law – speeding, using a hand-held phone and so on, tell your insurer and the police

* If you have been injured, deal with your insurer rather than any cold-call lawyers who might contact you