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Special Olympics transforms lives through the joy of sport, every day, everywhere. We are the world’s largest sports organization for people with intellectual disabilities: with 4.2 million athletes in 170 countries -- and millions more volunteers and supporters. We are also a global social movement.

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Special Needs Referral & Consulting
 Information and Education concerning matters of the
Blind, Disabled, Elderly, the Physically and Mentally Challenged
 and Parents of Small Children - at home and abroad
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Why I Want To Help

“But as for me and my household,  we will serve the LORD.”  -Joshua 24:15
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Hospitality My Life's Calling
Be reasonable, honest and fair with everyone.

When I was quite young my Parents would take my Brother and I on little jaunts that I will never forget. My Dad always loved the shortcuts which were about 2-3 hours longer, but had the better scenery. He always bought us a Hershey bar just before the trip, and I loved it, but the car was emitting fumes through the floor and I was always sick.

I was never taught how to swim so anything on the water or in the water scared me to death. Although my fondest travel memory was the paddle boats on Lake of the Ozarks in the state of Missouri, USA We also visited Roaring River in that area and I loved listening to it roar down stream. I think I might have been 7 years old. I took a liking to travel and always loved it when Dad would say 'Let's go".

One of the things that has been a problem in my life was/is Attention Deficit Disorder, of course I did not get a name for it until I was 50, but when I was young I had to be on the go. I got into trouble a lot at school because my mind would be traveling while I was supposed to be paying attention.

When I was old enough to have a car and license I was gone. I could not stay put and I found that the traveling was the real way to learn all I had missed in school. Hands on learning has always been best for me and I can tell you now, I learned more on my travels than I ever did in classrooms.

With my 4 Children in tow, we would go to the ocean or to the mountains. I traveled from the state of Washington to Kansas and back to California with my baby girl quite a few times and found something different each time.
I had only been to Tijuana, Old Mexico and to Vancouver, British Columbia before I was 20. I thought I was doing real good in 1955 before settling in California, I got to play in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Connecticut, and the Pacific Ocean in California, it was a great start for show and tell at school. Wouldn't you know that someone else had been to Spain and a classmate was born in North Africa??!!

I have been disabled now for over 20 years, due to shattered bones, and lack of healing power. Traveling in a wheelchair is very different than traveling behind the wheel of a car. Since it is my feet and legs that are affected, I cannot drive, so now my traveling is done with other people and at their convenience. This is real hard for me since I am such a free spirit.

I have been privileged to have bestowed on me the good fortune of a perfect travel buddy. He is very kind and patient with me and he knows how to handle a wheelchair, which makes my travel time with him an exceptional time. He has helped me learn the true meaning of "Arm Chair Traveling", as he goes from place to place he calls me and gives me vivid details. Such as his driving to work past the "Pizza" fields, in other words he is driving past farming country that has tomatoes, peppers, onions, olives and mushrooms growing.

We have been on a few cruises together and I have had the pleasure of a very good cruise and the displeasure of a cruise that would turn your stomach. But the good and bad are "THE WHY" of this website. I am not a travel agent, but my mission is to go before the traveler, scope out the accommodations, make sure things are as they have been promoted by either an agent or a brochure. Financial and medical situations have kept me close to home, however I am confidant that this too, can be overcome.

On the bad cruise, I witnessed a young woman on arm crutches climbing the stairs on a ship. She had it all figured out, she would put one crutch in the joist of the stair and put the other leg on the step, then reverse action. A man in a hurry to get his jogging done, run into her and almost sent her reeling off the steps. I will never know how she managed to stay on her feet but she did. The jogger did not stop to assist or say I'm sorry or anything. I was screaming at him. The young woman made it to the top, yelled "I made it" then cried for half an hour.

The cabin I was assigned was so small I could not get my wheelchair through the door, I had to get out and let my buddy close the wheelchair and put it in the room, pivot me through the door then get back in my chair. Then after I got through the door I could only go forward or backward for three feet because they had not taken the second bed down. No room to get beside the bed and to get into the restroom was a 9 inch step up.

The public restrooms that were supposed to be disabled accessible, had a 2 inch lip at the first door. Then the 2 stalls opened in such a way (in this way /\) you would have to fold the wheelchair in half sideways to get it in. Needless to say it was an impossibility for me to get in without hassles and everyone who walked by when the door was open to the public got their eyes full.

This is the kind of things that happens all the time, and I know for a fact that I am not alone. So I guess you could call me an advocate, someone to get in there and fight for what is right, someone to show others who are called normal that what is right for some is not what is right for others, life is NOT a one size fits all program.

By contrast, the very good trip was so good you could almost forget the bad trip. I said 'almost', I came back home with a burning desire to let the world know how unhappy I was at the treatment of people with disabilities. I checked out some colleges and went to school to find out about "Traveling with disabilities or with a disabled guest".

When I graduated with my diploma in hand I proudly stated "Ladies and Gentlemen, Special Needs Travel Consulting Services is open for business", and I designed my webpages to help other people with disabilities, elderly, blind and with small Children. I have since changed the name of my business to accommodate all peoples "Special Needs Referral & Consulting".

The whole reason for this website, and all that I do are summed up right here:
**To educate the unlearned in matters of disabilities, whether physical or mental.
**To show that everything is NOT a one size fits all. **To empower those with special challenges to be free to travel, to live life to the fullest measure, whether at home or abroad.
To show that getting older is a part of life, and things change and amending needs to take place.
To show that people - challenged or not - have feelings too, and for too long have been oppressed and told to sit down and shut up -which is very wrong and considered abuse.
**To show that Parents of young Children have a lot on their plate at best, and a single Parent or Parents of those with Physical and/or Mental Challenges has/have extra responsibilities.
**The world needs to know - - "Being physically or mentally challenged, does not mean death to the victim, and they need to know there is life beyond the bed ** ". 

In Loving Memory of Those Who Have Won  the Battles:
Richard Allan Miller; Ben Wilson; Zim & Betty Zimbelman; Charles Orgovan; Mattie Chance; Elvina Houser; Danny Gaither; Jeff Weisemann; Thomasine Pierro; Lois Hiebsch; Mike Morris; Frederick Hall; Joe & Anne Melashenko; Leo G Carroll ; Hershel L. Miller Sr. ; Homer Walker ; Lois Doran; Oneice Pfieffer; Carolyn Pearce; Vallie Leverette; Tom & Sue Needham; Bernie Paulson; Maria; Jim Retzer; Jake Hess; Glenn Payne; George Younce;