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Have you thought about purchasing Little Passports but want a better idea of what’s inside each monthly package? Little Passports, the award-winning subscription for kids, has sent us a sneak peak into one of their monthly packages- Kenya! 

In a recent blog post, Jet-setting to Kenya with Little Passports , they talked to a mom who writes about her kids’ adventures. She shares how her family “travels” to Kenya with Little Passports. From dedicated reading and activity time, to a casual chat around the kitchen counter, this mom really uses the subscription to its fullest! 

Find out more about what is inside the Kenya package and how Amanda gets the most "miles" out of Little Passports: Jet-setting to Kenya with Little Passports 

To check out other great tips on using Little Passports this summer, read more from the Little Passports Blog!

Want to travel to Kenya?!? This country package is included in the World Edition (ages 6-10). Other subscriptions include the Early Explorers (ages 3-5) and the USA Edition(ages 7-12). 

To purchase this award-winning subscription for kids, click below.

Each day is an adventure! 

Restroom lights on the plane only come on when the door is shut and latched, and the noise from the toilet flushing will scare a young Child. Please accompany your Child to the restroom.
Tip: Wet wipes in a sealed baggie will keep you out of line for the restroom wash-up after meals and snacks. In like manner if you have a clean wash cloth, just wet with good water from home, the Children can swab their mouths with it for a quick pick me up. Pack a smaller baggie with the wipes inside a bigger baggie for convenance to put used wet wipes and trash in and dispose properly. 

Tip: Give the older Children pencils, paper and calculators and have them calculate the mileage you will be using/have used for the trip. Amazing how a simple thing called math can interest a bored Child versus having to do it at school. :-)

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 Information and Education concerning matters of the
Blind, Disabled, Elderly, the Physically and Mentally Challenged
 and Parents of Small Children - at home and abroad
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Developing Children

“But as for me and my household,  we will serve the LORD.”  -Joshua 24:15

Watch To a Child Love Is Spelled T-I-M-E inspirational video from

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Children are wonderful little teachers. They have a way of making us adults see what is real and truth and that makes them so very special. On this page you will find information on what to do at the airport and entertain on the plane, immunizations, how to make Upchuck Chuckie  Bibs,  information about dehydration inside the plane, to traveling with infants. Remember that babies cannot chew gum to help relieve the pressure in the ears so you need to understand how to help the Child enroute.

Preparedness makes for a great vacation  and that also includes your pet(s). Let Children make their own stationary by drawing pictures, and have pre addressed  envelopes ready for postage  for the Children to mail back home or to Grandparents from your destinations,  and of course making sure there is enough cameras, (this is where the buy one get one free, disposable cameras come in handy). Printing off coloring pages about your destination is a big help for the Children to understand this new place as well as having maps that they can follow along with.

Sometimes just being a Child is really, really hard. So many things to remember, so many things we cannot touch or do. Instead of saying 'no' all the time, try some reverse psychology. If there is a tandency to yell at the Child when something goes wrong like 'Now look what you have done' or 'boy is that going to drain your bank account'. Look at the brighter side, for instance 'Wow! can you do that again?' or 'You know I think if we talk to the Manager, we might be able to work that off in no time, what do you think?"

Children act or react to the Parent's voice. If there is always screaming going on, they figure they will never be heard and go off and do their own thing. Here are a few boosters to help build your Child's Self Esteem: 1) Always praise more than punish. 2) Don't overschedule you or your Child. 3( Allow stumbles, so your Child learn's this is ok. 4) Make happy memories together often. 5) Read to your Child, a lot and very often. 6) Help your Child discover that helping others helps your Child, too. 7) Let your Child be less than perfect, it is really alright. 8) Listen to your Child, carefully, no matter what is happening.

Teenagers sometimes feel overwhelmed when asked to babysit the younger Children all the time, read this article to see how to turn that around, to empower teenagers to be teachers instead of sitters. Also when teenagers are traveling with their Parents and younger siblings, they tend to be 'bored' stiff. Give them some scientific projects to work on while traveling. Might just be the stuff the doctor ordered.

In my searching I have found that taking snack foods on the plane is perfectly acceptable, especially if there are younger Children. Although I am also finding that junk foods still rate high on the scale -- if your child acts out of control after eating a sweet treat, it could be a food allergy going on. To make it healthy and nourishing here are some examples that might help you.

One of the things the International travel boards are concerned about are the plastic water/beverage bottles that somehow make their way into other Countries but never seem to make their way out. A rule of thumb to help combat this is "Carry out what you carry in", not all Countries have a recycling program. Here is a story on what the plastic bottles are doing around the world.

Clothing has always been a major factor, some Children require more than others for the little accidents that occur. Babies will either be colder or hotter than a young Child so be aware of their needs also and pack accordingly. While packing you always need to consider weather conditions, such small things as how much is too much and how much is not enough. When in doubt, over pack. 

Medical information is a must to carry with you, while carrying the information with you is advised, it is also important to have on your personal being some form of identification such as each person with ANY allergies, should have a medical bracelet, neck id tag or a USB medical flash unit on their arms or necks, indicating the allergy and reactions. It is advisable to have the written information with you because telephones and computers are not always available.

Unless you are 'not' a flustered Parent in a crisis, you will forget everything the moment panic hits. All prescription medicines should be in original bottles with Doctor's and patient's names and strengths and doses, along with prescription date and date of expiration, and the pharmacy where filled with pharmacy number and prescription number. Not all medicines can be refilled in a foreign Country. Medicines will have to be approved by the travel carrier. 

Every traveler should have an 'emergency bag' with some sort of identification.
The bag should have necessary medicines for daily living, dosages, administering doctor and phone number. Allergy information for every member of the Family (who has allergy problems, food, medications, airborne) Immunizations records that will be necessary for entering in some countries. Passports, visas, anything important for your travel.

This bag should be locked and kept inside your carry on bags. You will have to unlock it at security stations, but then it should be re-locked and stowed in your carry on bag, inside your pillow, in a stuffed animal or however you can keep it handy, keep it safe. Once you have gone through security and put this information away, it should not be brought out until needed again, however do know that it is still where you put it.

Always be aware of your surroundings, leave nothing to chance. Do not go abroad without security, by all means have fun, but be aware of dangers around you and what to do in a situation of emergency.

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